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Department of Homeland Gallery

Department of Homeland Gallery

Department of Homeland Gallery is the youngest department in the City Museum of Novi Sad. It was created in 1963 in within the Department of Cultural History, and in 1978 got the status of a special department in the Museum. It was formed with the mission to collect, preserve, study and exhibit works of fine and applied arts of the authors who live and work in Novi Sad. Over time, the Homeland Gallery has developed into one of the finest collections of art in Novi Sad in the second half of the twentieth century, and today its registered fund counts more than 3,300 works of fine and applied art.

Varied art fund is divided into three collections. The most voluminous is the collection of fine arts which consists of oils, temperas, drawings, aquarelles, work performed in a variety of graphic techniques, then the reliefs in plaster, wood, copper and sculptures in plaster, terracotta, wood and bronze. The collection of applied art and design includes works works in the field of graphic design related to the production of posters and art design of the books The collection also contains a conceptual designs for theatrical and fashion costume, as well as a small number of artistically treated items of wood and metal and important collections of plastic ceramics and tapestries. Guided by museological principles, the works that represent the basis for future presentation of Contemporary Art of Novi Sad are collected, so in the framework of the Homeland Gallery is included the legacy of architect Đorđe Tabaković purchased in 1981,  consisting of architectural projects, schemes, drafts, drawings, aquarelles, photographs, accounts and business correspondence.

The Art Fund of the Homeland gallery has been enlarged with the purchase from authors at exhibitions, at studios and from private property. Many artists, along with purchased work, donated some others, preparatory sketches or  conceptual design. Today, the department held works of more than 150 authors. Among them are works of Boško Petrović, Jovan Soldatović, Stevan Maksimovic, Jožef Ač, Mileta Vitorović, Isidor Vrsajkov, Nikola Graovac, Milan Kerac, Miodrag Nedeljković, Milivoje Nikolajević, Ankica Oprešnik, Dušan Milovanović, Milan Ćirlića, Petar Ćurčić, Aleksandar Lakić, Ferenc Maurič, Ljubomir Denković, Vera Zarić, Milan Stanojev, Milan Uzelac, Dušan Todorović and other renowned artists from Novi Sad, professor of art schools and academies of art and members of the artists association.

A large number of capital works of artists from Novi Sad in the Art Fund of  the Homeland Gallery represents a significant testimony to the genesis of individual artistic concepts, achievements of individual artists, as well as to the overall artistic creation in Novi Sad during the second half of the last century.

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